Equipping the Church Series (ECS)

  • August 27 – 28, 2020
  • 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Zoom Webinar Meeting ID: 86033063655 Registration: Free Register in advance by clicking on the attached link
  • +233 (0) 55 803 2376

Kingdom Equip Network(‘KEN’) is a coalition of individuals and organizations who seek to use their spiritual and professional resources to enhance the governance of churches. In this regard, the Network is engaged in training, advisory services and public education in order to promote excellence in governance of Churches, Para-Church Institutions and the society as a whole.

‘KEN’ has been involved in Church consultations and training of Church teams since 2017. Over the period, ‘KEN’ has also successfully organized several major public events including the Ethics and Values Lectures (‘EnVL’) and the annual Ekklesia Roundtable Series (‘ERS’) among others. These events typically involve stakeholders and experts in specific fields including the clergy, academia, media, and the general public engaging to build consensus on policy initiatives that enhance Church governance and the nation as a whole.

In 2020, ‘KEN’ initiated the ‘Equipping the Church Series’ (ECS) aimed at offering training and advisory services to churches whilst building a collegial rapport with neighbouring churches in local Christian communities. Along the way, the world came under the nouvelle Covid-19 pandemic which affected Churches with its consequent constraints. With this in mind, together with its Executive Board and supporting Partners, ‘KEN’ is organizing a global online conference under the ‘ECS’ to enlighten and support the efforts of Churches for an ongoing effective church management.


The Conference is scheduled for the online ‘Zoom’ platform and will be on the theme: Pastoral Leadership for a Healthy Church

The Conference would bring on board a lineup of at least 8 diverse speakers from Africa, Europe and North America. There would also be global participation from an audience across these regions of the world.

The conference programme is framed around two thematic sessions:

  • Sub-Theme (I): Strategies for a Healthy Church and;
  • Sub-Theme (II): ‘Physician, Heal thyself’ (Personal Pastoral Care)


  • Sub-Theme (I): Strategies for a Healthy Church

This session will focus on the church as an institution; defining the ‘strategies for the healthy church’. A healthy church is evangelistic in its approach and is centred around mutual stewardship and strategic discipleship. This involves better-equipped church leaders, growing people (members) to become spiritually mature to the point where they are disciple-makers themselves, instructing them for interacting and serving the world, developing more capacity for ministry, and having the beneficial effects of greater financial resources for the church.


  • Sub-Theme (II): ‘Physician, heal thyself’ (Personal Pastoral Care)

This session will speak to the leader as the capacitor to fostering a healthy church. There would not be a healthy church without a leader who is spiritually healthy. The church is for the Lord to build but the Lord works in partnership and with the cooperation of His leaders. In this regard, this session will be looking at the leader positioning himself/herself in God to effectively administer the health of the church.


The main objectives of the Conference among others is:

  • To acquaint participants with the key indicators of a healthy church;
  • To guide participants in identifying the steps towards a healthy personal spiritual life;
  • To equip participants to translate their personal spiritual care into a healthy church life;
  • To engage and enlighten participants on practical steps to build a healthy church;
  • To lay the foundation for a continuous global dialogue on the issue of church health;
  • To empower the capacity of Churches to withstand unexpected events such as the current Covid-19.


  • Date: Thursday 27th August, 2020
  • Time: 14:00hrs to 16:30hrs (2:00pm to 4:30pm) Greenwich Mean Time

| U.S.A. 10:00am-12:30pm |U.K. 3:00pm – 5:30pm |

| Germany 4:00pm – 6:30pm | S. A. 4:00pm – 6:30pm|

  • Venue: Online Zoom Webinar (login details would be made available to registered conference participants)
  • Register: Via link to be provided in invitation
  • Participation is by pre-registration
  • Cost: This conference is free of charge

There would be two main speakers with a lineup of 6 supporting speakers. Under each sub-theme, the main speaker would make the main presentation after which 3 supporting speakers (drawn from Africa, Europe and North America) would add on practical experiences and contributions from their various environments. Speakers would be bringing their rich reflections and contributions in the live chats and online discussion fora during the conference.

Main Speakers

  • A. J. Mathieu (Texas -North America) [ST (I) – Strategies for a Healthy Church]

A. J. Mathieu is a Church Strategy and Leadership Consultant. He is currently the President and Lead Guide at The Malphurs Group; a church consultancy group in the United States of America that has been supporting churches to break through and maximize their impact since the 1990’s. He leads leadership development classes in his local church and is a Councilman at the City of Joshua-Texas. A. J. also has 20 years of experience as a business owner and operates the Accelinet Computer Services; an I.T. services company.


  • Dr. Richard C. Whitcomb (Ghana-Africa) [ST(II) – ‘Physician, Heal thyself’]

Rev. Dr. R. C. Whitcomb is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the 4,000-member Agape House New Testament Church in East Legon, Accra- Ghana. He has actively proclaimed the Gospel to millions of people through broadcast and internet media. He is also the founder of the Revelation Media Ministry, the Agape Bible College, the Crosswalk Seminars, the Agape Children’s home and the Agape Academy International.


Supporting Speakers

  • ST (I)- Strategies for a Healthy Church

[Africa] Rev. David Sagathevan, Christian Teaching Centre, Benoni – South Africa

– [North America] Rev. Richard Donkor, International Central Gospel Church, California- U.S.A.

– [Europe] Rev. Chris Wilson-Andoh, Calvary International Christian Centre, Leeds, U.K.

  • ST (II): ‘Physician, Heal thyself’ (Personal Pastoral Care)

– [Africa] Rev. Dr. Oppong Adu-Gyamfi, International Charismatic Church, Ghana

– [North America] Apostle Vincent Akosah, Christ Citadel International Church, U.S.A.

– [Europe] Rev. Dr. James Commey, International Harvest Christian Centre, Denmark


This conference seeks to bring together about 300 Participants which will include Church Leaders, Church workers, Clergy, Laity, Volunteers and Para-Church leadership from across the world. The target audience would be from at least 15 countries from Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroun, South Africa), North America (United States of America), Europe (Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom), and Asia (India).


Sponsorship is open for interested persons, groups, organizations and media houses. Monetary donations are welcome.

All donations should address: Kingdom Equip Network

P. O. Box CT 1863, Cantonments Accra

Telephone: +233 (0)55 803 2376        Email: kingdomequipnetwork@gmail.com

Bank Details: Ecobank- Burma Camp Branch| 144-100-129-1124

Website: www.kingdomequipnetwork.org

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