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How you can be part of this initiative

Your support is needed to achieve this initiative. You can support us by becoming an Institutional Partner. Our Partners work with us to make this initiative a reality by making monetary donations. We seek to collaborate with individuals, churches, umbrella organizations, educational and other civil society organizations in Ghana and abroad.

Be an Institutional  Partner: Our Partners work with us by making lump sum monetary donations and/or providing collaborating services in specific fields such as HR, IT etc. We offer various relationship packages  to our partners.

Be an Individual Partner: These usually contribute a fixed amount of money on a regular basis (usually monthly). Contributions may be for specific aspects of our operations or a general donation.

Be a Fellow: These are individuals who partner with us by bringing their expertise to bear for training, lecture and advisory purposes. They also provide links  to experts and resources in their field.

There are four types of partners:

What is in it for you?

We offer the following relationship packages for our Institutional Partners based on amounts they contribute. By choosing to partner and support us, you are entitled to the following:

Bronze Partner
GHS 1,200 –
per annum
• Standby Advisory services
• Discount on Advisory Services
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Silver Partner
GHS 2,400 –
per annum
• Standby Advisory services
• Access to Webinar
• Discount on Advisory Services
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Platinum Partner
per annum
and Above
• Bi-annual training sessions
• Standby advisory services
• Access to resource fellows
• Discount on Advisory Packages
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Would you like to speak to one of our representatives over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. Also email us anytime.

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